Sunday, November 30, 2008

Crazy 8's Tag

My sister-in-law tagged me and since I have never been tagged before, I thought I would switch my picture blog up a little.

8 Favorite TV Shows:
1. Lipstick Jungle
2. Gossip Girl
3. Privilged
4. 24
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Oprah (sometimes)
7. MTV hits
8. Prison Break

1. Braveheart
2. The Count of Monte Cristo
3. Twilight
4. Troy
5. Meet Joe Black
6. Batman (with Christian B.)
7. The Notebook
8. Pride and Prejudice

1. Cafe Rio
2. Red Iguana
3. Old Chicago
4. Texas Roadhouse (mostly cause Dan loves it and drags me there)
5. Olive Garden
6. The pub at Trolley Square
7. Johnny's Steakhouse
8. Paradise Bakery

1. Slept in really late
2. Hung out with Dan all day
3. Picked up prescription
4. Shopped online
5. Cuddled Addy while she napped for an hour
6. Shopped at Banana
7. Went to CPK with friends
8. Had another nightmare (I asked Dan for a handgun for Christmas when I woke up)

8 THINGS i LOOK FORWARD TO (short-term):
1. Dan finishing school - only 5 more months
2. Getting pregnant
3. Getting Christmas shopping finished
4. Wrapping up our January selling season at work
5. Visiting family and friends over Christmas
6. Going to Germany with my Dad
7. Meeting my new nephew on the 19th
8. Seeing my in-laws new home

1. Snowmobiles
2. Blizzards that you have to stay home for
3. Skiing
4. Warm fires
5. Christmas
6. Spending a lot more time with family
7. The holidays
8. An increase in shopping

1. grow our family size
2. a new coat
3. that the xbox will break
4. sunglasses
5. new purse (which I already bought)
6. to get back to my fightin' weight
7. a personal masseuse
8. World Peace

1. Ashley
2. Jenny E.
3. Nikki A.
4. Tiffanee B.
5. Tiffany E.
6. Bonnie
7. Anna
8. Janel
9. Dana

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vinnie's Style

I have to send out a quick thank you to Dana and Marshall for Vinnie's shirt. He loves it and wears it all the time.

It inspired me to pick something else out for him for Christmas. Here's a couple of his modeling shots. I know this is so lame, but we get a good laugh out of his ridiculous outfits. Last year I bought him red booties with bells on them. They went on like slippers but he wouldn't walk in them because of the noise the bells made. We laughed so hard as he attacked them, trying to get them off.

Hopefully we'll have a baby soon and Vinnie will be off the hook, until then... sorry Vinnie!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Very Much Needed Update

We've been running around quite a bit since I last posted. Here are a few of the things that we have done starting with the most recent and working backwards.

October - Fall Break

We spent the weekend in Arizona and Las Vegas with some of our good friends Marshall and Dana. Here are a couple of the pictures from the trip.

Here's us and the kiddos, Lexi and Hannah. We were excited they remembered us. Lexi was still calling dan - 'lieutenant Dan'. I think her cute little southern draw is going away as she's getting older though.

Here's a picture of the Grigg's and there kids in Arizona. We are so jealous of their 90 degree weather!

The rest of these are pictures of our trip to Las Vegas or 'lost wages' as my dad calls it. Oh, by the way dad, guess where this first picture is at? Non other than Ricardo's - the best Mexican restaurant ever! Sorry you weren't there to enjoy is with us.
We went and saw KA at the MGM grand. It was our first Cirque De Solei show, but it was absolutely incredible. Those people have so much talent it's unreal.

M&M World

This was at Caesar's palace

Dan was drooling over this Lamborghini at the Wynn.

I think the Wynn was my favorite hotel on the strip. These were a couple other pictures taken there.


We had a lot of birthdays and activities that we went to in September. Matt Larson had his 29th birthday which we celebrated over at their house.

We went to the River City Round-up in Omaha at the Qwest center. It was fun to go to a rodeo with Dan since we haven't been to one in the 6 1/2 years we've been married.

We had the pleasure of making fun of Jessica Simpson in person at the event. I cannot stand her and she proved in person how dumb she really is. We left after one song.

For anyone who knows my brother Chad, you would know what a huge Denver Broncos fan he is. So, being that I am a really nice sister I scored him tickets for a Chiefs vs. Broncos game at the end of September. Anyway, Chad could not make the game because he's staying close to his prego wife so Dan and I got to go instead.


In August we went to the air show at Offut air force base with our friends Tyler and Tiffannee Boss and Jon and Jenny Egbert.

Dan loves fighter planes, he watches discovery wings at every chance that he gets. After he had been accepted to Dental School he was hit up by a Air Force Recruiter to join the military. Dan told the guy that he would join if they would let him go to school to become a dentist and a F18 pilot. I am sure the guy thought Dan was crazy, but he was dead serious. Long story made short, the recruiter turned him down and Dan is stuck watching the fighter's on TV and air shows.

Our cute little neighbor Rylee had her 3rd Birthday. She has so much personality. Jon and Jenny had cake and ice cream for her in the front yard.

Me with baby Addy.

Earlier in the month Dan was out washing one of our cars and found a new little helper in Rylee. I had to snap a couple pictures of this duo!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Back from Utah

We went home for a week to visit family. It's crazy how much your nieces and nephews can change in just one month. Here are a few pictures of our favorite little people.

Kai and Daxton were hanging out with my dad at my parents house. These two have more energy than a handful of kids combined. The true definition of living life to the fullest!

Sotera is so loveable, she's expecting a new baby brother- we are excited to hopefully have a mini me of Sotera in the family.

We went to Park City to ride the Alpine slide and the alpine coaster. I can't get enough of Park City when we go back to Utah to visit, I think we go there every time. If you haven't ridden the Alpine Coaster, you are missing out.

My dad, Dan, Tyson ("T") and I went golfing one afternoon. This posed picture was T's idea, he wanted to make sure they looked official, like all of the other golf pros out there. As for being a 'Pro'? Tyson actually shot even that day.

Here's a pic of my mom and Kennedy. Meet some of the best grandparents in the world. My parents would do anything for their grandkids. Hopefully Dan and I will be able to add a couple more to their crew of five, soon to be six.

Lynds and Maiya

Dan and some of with the kids, minus Maiya.

A little girl who is always smiling, she reminds me so much of Tys. I guess we shouldn't be too surprised about the smiling in that case.


Dan was able to hang out with his family before I arrived. This is Dan's mom, with her mom and dad (Dan's Gma and Gpa in case you didn't follow.)

Dan's sister Liz, with his cousin Shae, they were lighting fireworks for the 24th of July. We're always kids at heart right?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baby Larson

For those who want to see pictures of Addyson Kate Larson, here are a few that I took.

I think she looks more like Matt in this picture, I could be wrong though.

(j/k - you know I love ya Matt!)

Good job you two, she's absolutely beautiful! I'm excited that we get to be around a lot during her first months!